The Band

Erie, Pennsylvania’s DUAL IDENTITY, are proof that a strong work ethic, and a do it yourself attitude, can pay off with persistence.  The band, in its earliest form, began when singer/songwriter Matt Sipple met lead guitarist Chris Hanson at Rice Avenue Middle School.  In 1992, Matt and Chris performed their first original song live on Rocket 101 FM as a duo and Dual Identity was born.  Matt and bassist Greg Bonner go way back as well, meeting not long after high school, but it would be many years before Greg officially joined the band.

In 2010 they recorded their debut album Lust To Dust, in Matt’s home studio.  The album had a post 90’s modern rock feel throughout, and despite the steep learning curve, it got everyone excited enough to want to give it another go and record an even better second album.

Their second self-recorded album Get Up (2012) took on a modern rock sound that was infused with a mild country crossover sound.  Many were surprised with the country infusion since everyone in the band has a solid rock background, drawing on a wide range of musical influences from The Beatles and The Police, to Cheap Trick and Toad The Wet Sprocket.  The band attributes the mild country crossover sound to the extensive use of acoustic guitars during the writing process. 

In 2013, while searching for a record producer for their third album, they sent English engineer/producer Stuart Epps (Elton John, Bill Wyman, The Firm, Twisted Sister) their first two albums in an effort to gain his interest in producing their next album.  Not only was Stuart interested, but he handpicked seven songs from the first two albums, remixed them and added a few of his own touches, resulting in the EP Second Time Around.

The band’s third studio album, Stand  (2014), produced by Stuart Epps, and recorded at Prism Studios in Stoke-on-Trent, England, is not a direct continuation of the “rock with a slight country crossover” sound, but an evolution of that style.  Stand  branches out into new territories with more complex arrangements and sounds.

The band is hoping that Stand  will gain major label interest, but in the meantime they are focused on college and independent radio stations.  The band will be playing up and down the east coast as much as possible throughout the remainder of the year.

Ask anyone in the band why the do what they do and you will get the same response.  “We all just really love what we do and have an undying passion for music.  We intend to continue writing and playing until it is no longer possible.”

Supporting Musicians

Dual Identity has several supporting musicians who help us out us when we play live.  These incredible musicians are an intricate part of our live show and we couldn't perform without them.  Thanks Guys!

In Alphabetical Order:

Mike Lotz
Mike Russell
Jamie Shaw